Are Kriti Sanon and Prabhas dating? 

Kriti Sanon, the Bollywood diva, and South Indian superstar Prabhas are rumored to be dating after

Fans and viewers are wondering what’s cooking between these two distinguished figures of the Indian entertainment industry. 

According to the insider news, Kriti and Prabhas met on the sets of Adipurush.  

This is the first time the two actors have worked together and the film is directed by Om Raut. 

Is it true that Kriti Sanon has denied the rumors?

Neither Kriti Sanon nor Prabhas have commented on the rumors that they were having an affair. 

What is the current relationship status between Kriti and Prabhas?

Via call or text, Prabhas and Kriti keep in touch, but they haven’t been seen publicly holding hands or smiling at the camera, suggesting how valid the rumor may be.