The states to be witness to tomorrow’s heavy rainfall: Full Forecast Here

According to IMD’s prediction, the meteorological body of India expects to see heavier rainfall for 2-3 days over Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and East Rajasthan with a Low-Pressure Area over Northeast Madhya Pradesh.

The Department of Weather has predicted a period of heavy rainfall for Eastern Madhya Pradesh on September 21, as well as for Western Madhya Pradesh, Eastern Rajasthan, and Eastern Uttar Pradesh on September 22.

According to the Forecast department, heavy rainfall is likely to occur in Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha
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Here are key updates in IMD weather forecasts

  • Over Odisha and Telangana on 21 September, over Vidarbha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Maharashtra, and Marathwada on 21 and 22 September, and over Madhya Pradesh from 21 to 23 September, heavy rainfall with thunderstorms and lightning is very likely.
  • Expect torrential rainfall in east Madhya Pradesh on the 21st, and again on the 22nd in west Madhya Pradesh.
  • There might be periods of light to moderate rain on Wednesday and Thursday in the parts of Delhi where rain is likely to occur, the IMD said.
  • Over Uttarakhand and West Uttar Pradesh on 21st-25th; Haryana & Chandigarh on 21st & 22nd; East Rajasthan and East Uttar Pradesh during 21st-23rd and moderate rainfall likely over Delhi on 21 and 22 September.
  • High, isolated heavy rain is also likely over the eastern regions of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh on 22nd September, 2022.
  • Arunachal Pradesh will experience moderate to heavy rainfall with thunderstorms and lightning during 22-24 September, Assam and Meghalaya during 21-23 September, and Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura on 21 and 22 September.
  • The area in which Southwest Monsoon begins to withdraw is located at Khajuwala, Bikaner, Jodhpur and Naliya. Withdrawal is declared if no rainfall has been observed during the last five days with anti-cyclonic circulation and evaporated moisture increasing over the region.

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