The Great Indian Murder Review: Pratik Gandhi and Richa Chadha steal it

  • Cast: Richa Chadha and Pratik Gandhi. Ashutosh Rana and Jatin Goswami. Raghuvir Yadav. Sharib Hashmi. Shashank Arora. Mani. Ensemble.
  • Creator: Tigmanshu Dhulia.
  • Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia.
  • Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar.
  • Language: English with subtitles
  • Running Time: 9 Episodes, Each Around 45 Minutes.

What’s it About?

Vicky Rai (Jatin), a hugely influential man, has made many enemies along his journey. His plan goes sour and he is sentenced to three years in prison. He returns to the prison and throws a party, but he is still the same monster. His enemies demand justice, and he is killed. The police (Richa), and the CBI (Pratik), get involved, and they set out together to solve The Great Indian Murder Mystery.

What Works?

The Great Indian Murder was adapted by Tigmanshu, Vijay Maurya, and Puneet Sharma. It is based upon Vikas Swarup’s book Six Suspects. My analysis is based solely on Hotstar’s version of the book. The genre of Whodunnit is very delicate. It must hook its viewers by providing enough content to keep them interested and not spoil the big reveal.

The Great Indian Murder
(Pic Credit: Youtube/DisneyPlus Hotstar)

The Great Indian Murder is a compelling story even on paper. This victim is not someone that people will feel any sympathy for. He is a victim of law-related crime and deserves justice. In a world where politicians can cash even the death of their loved ones, is this a black and white scenario? It is not. Dhulia, along with his team of writers who translate the book, play in the greys. Their characters are spread like chess pieces. Who is unpredictable and who double-crosses? Although it is a complex puzzle, the pieces all lead to the same thing: doom.

While the show is about murder, it doesn’t just focus on that crime. The show tells the story of the suspects. The book is not about finding the murderer, but rather, what unusual circumstances led to these individuals being suspects. Munna (Shashank), a boy, wants a better future with his girlfriend. His sister Champi is a person who puts others first.

An Eketi tribal is on the hunt for his idol, which he has stolen from Andaman. This is the best part. Eketi is my favorite character. He suffers for things he didn’t do in the first instance. We can see his culture through his eyes. Extreme belief in or superstition about an idol that appears to be a God. His pain is the most severe. His character is three-dimensional and I would love to see an Eketi movie.

Tigmanshu Diulia, director, has a style. Even if he experimentes and departs from his core (which, fortunately, he does here), his signature will remain. His use of glamour and commentary about society and the film industry is still his trademark.

Dhulia also incorporates politics, greed, and power dynamics. A father literally proceeds to monetise the son’s passing, and it all hits us.

The Great Indian Murder
(Pic Credit: Youtube/DisneyPlus Hotstar)

Star Performance

Mani and Shashank are the stars of The Great Indian Murder. They both come in to play the most emotionally charged parts of the story and add their own flavor to it. Mani plays Eketi with honesty, confusion, and humor. Although he doesn’t speak much, his eyes and gestures are enough to convey the message. Even when he’s not the most prepared, Arora can still play these characters. One big revelation about him could have been made more sensitively.

Jatin Goswami portrays Vicky with all his hate. You hate him right from the beginning. He kicks and beats people. He does a great job. Ashutosh Rana’s experience elevates his story, and everything fits together well.

Richa and Pratik, as I said, deserved deeper and more complex parts. They are able to do justice to the things they have been given. But that is not enough. They can do complex tasks with ease.

Raghuvir Yadav, an actor from India, has never had one bad performance on his resume. He continues this streak.

What Doesn’t Work

Although the show’s focus is on the suspects, it is a good thing. However, this is where the story falters. The suspects are the main focus of the show, but the rest is a single tone. Richa Chadha’s cops and Pratik Gandhi’s police officers are characters that could have their own worlds and be meatier, but it doesn’t.

This clearly separates the show into two parts. Strong flashbacks are accompanied by a half-baked present. A better-designed blue print would have made a big difference.

The Great Indian Murder’s music doesn’t do much to enhance the experience. Cinematography is also a standard.

Last Words

Tigmanshu Daulia is not afraid to step outside his comfort zone in order to create the show. However, some notes can be thrown off. While it’s not a terrible show, it’s a good watch. It could be more entertaining if there were more things to do.

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