Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha speech, “I feel uncomfortable”: Rahul Gandhi’s 10 points

Rahul Gandhi, Congress MP, delivered Wednesday’s Lok Sabha speech in which he criticized PM Modi and his government on several issues. Rahul Gandhi spoke out about Ashoka and said that there is no history of a rule by the stick. He claimed that what the BJP is doing has been successful. Rahul Gandhi stated that the stick has been broken since inception. Rahul Gandhi also spoke out on the issues of Pegasus and unemployment, the undermining the federal structure of the country, and Chinese aggression.

These are the top ten quotes

Two India:

Two Indias exist now – one for those who are poor and one to help the wealthy. This is causing a growing chasm between the two Indias.

On unemployment:

Why is there a drop of 46% in manufacturing jobs in India? You have decimated the unorganised sector and MSMEs. Your attention is only on 5-10 people

For AA version:

Indians are increasingly adopting the ‘AA’ variant of Ambani Adani. I have no problem with large industries. Please focus on them, but be aware that they can’t produce jobs for me. Only small and medium-sized industries can create jobs in this country.

Union of States:

India is often described as a Union of States. What does this mean? This means that my brother from TN is the same as my sister Maharashtra and has the same proper as my brothers & siblings from UP, Bihar Manipur Nagaland, Mizoram, & all other states.

Congress has removed the notion of the king

here are now two visions for India. This bouquet of flowers has not been challenged by any power. Congress had removed the idea of a king in 1947. There is now a shehanshah. One idea is attacking the tools of communication between the state and the people. Today, Tamil Nadu, for instance, is exempted from Indian institutions. You want to get out of this place. They don’t have any voice. They can’t stand, but the farmers of Punjab have no voice. During their protests, they were killed by the coronavirus pandemic. But the King didn’t listen.

“I learn from everyone; I learn from you.”

Kerala’s people have a culture, dignity, and a rich history. Rajasthanis have a culture, dignity, a history and a way to live. It is like a bouquet full of flowers. All people teach me. You are my teacher. Another vision is that India can be ruled from the Centre. The stick has always been broken every time this has happened.

“We are all nationalists”

All of us are nationalists. Doklam is the place where they laid the foundation for their plan. This is a serious threat to India’s nation. We made major strategic errors in J&K as well as in our foreign policy. It is clear that Pakistanis and the Chinese are planning.

“My father was blown to pieces”

My great-grandfather was held for 15 years. My grandmother was gunned down 32 times. My father was also shot. You see, I understand what I’m talking about. You’re playing with something very dangerous. You need to stop. You will only create more problems if you don’t stop.

“India is isolated and surrounded”

You might be wondering why you have not been able to invite a guest on Republic Day. India is today completely isolated and surrounded. The Chinese have a clear vision of their goals.

You brought together Pakistan and China

India’s single most important strategic goal is to keep Pakistani and Chinese separatists apart. You brought them closer. Don’t underestimate the force and power that is before you. This is the biggest crime against Indians. China has a clear vision.

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