Odisha woman gives property worth Rs 1 crore to rickshaw-puller

Odisha’s Cuttack woman decided to make a difference in the lives of rickshaw-pullers by giving all her property to one. This made him a crorepati. Minati Patnaik (63), of Sutahat has given her three-story home, all gold ornaments and all her belongings to Budha Samal. Budha Samal has been serving her family for more than two decades.

Her property was given to Budha Samal, a rickshaw driver. Patnaik gave her entire property to Budha Samal, who lives with his wife and their two sons. This will undoubtedly warm anyone’s hearts and show them the power of kindness. Minati Pattnaik said, “I was devastated and living in grief after my husband’s and daughter’s deaths at regular intervals.” None of my family members supported me after my terrible loss. I felt completely alone. I was completely alone. However, my rickshaw driver and his family stood beside me through my tough times and took care my health without asking for anything in return.

He also stated that he has never carried any passenger in his Rickshaw and has always dedicated himself to Minati’s family. He stated that they would continue to care for her until she is old.

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