Why is the festival of colors celebrated as Holi?

When is Holi, everyone will know this; But do you know Why we celebrate Holi? On hearing the name of Holi, a feeling of happiness and gaiety arises in the mind. Holi is a festival of colors in which everyone from child to old person joins in and celebrates this day with great enthusiasm, hence this festival is also called the festival of all happiness.

There is no other country in the whole world like India, where people come together and enjoy all the festivals with the brotherhood without any discrimination.

This festival is the main and popular festival of Hindus, but still, people of all religions come together to celebrate this festival with love, due to which this festival increases affection towards each other and brings them closer.

There is a mythological and true story hidden behind all the festivals celebrated in our country. Similarly, there are many stories behind playing with colors in Holi. Today from this article we will know Why Holi festival is celebrated?

What is Holi?

The day of Holi is a very auspicious day. This festival comes every year during the spring season in the month of Phagun i.e. March, which is celebrated on the full moon day and it is the most joyous festival. It is the festival of spring and when it comes, winter ends and summer begins.

This year on March 18, Holi will be played everywhere across the country. In some parts of India, farmers also celebrate this festival in the joy of producing a good crop.

This festival of Holi starts from the evening of Holika Dahan on the last day of Phagun and the next morning all people meet, hug and apply color and abir to each other. During this, the whole nature and environment look very beautiful and colorful. This festival is known as unity, love, happiness, and victory of good over evil.

On What date is Holi?

Holi 2022 is on Friday, March 18 in India. The date of Holi is decided according to the Indian calendar and changes every year. It is usually celebrated in March of every month.

Why is Holi celebrated?

Many mythological stories are associated with this festival of Holi, out of which the most popular story is that of Prahlad and his devotion.

It is believed that in ancient times there used to be a mighty demon named Hiranyakashyap, who was given a boon by Brahma Dev that he could not kill any human or any animal, neither with any weapon or weapon, neither outside nor inside the house, Neither in the day nor in the night, nor in the earth nor in the sky.

Due to the immense power that Ashur possessed, he became arrogant and considered himself to be God instead of God. He used to torture all the people of his kingdom and forbade everyone to worship Lord Vishnu and instruct them to worship him because he wanted to avenge the death of his younger brother who was killed by Lord Vishnu.

Hiranyakashyap had a son named Prahlad . Despite being the son of an Asura, he used to worship Lord Vishnu without listening to his father. The fear of Hiranyakashipu compelled everyone to consider him as a god except his son Prahlad.

Hiranyakashyap did not accept this, he tried a lot that his son should give up the devotion of Lord Vishnu, but every time he failed in his attempt. In this anger, he decided to kill his own son.

In this abominable trick, he sought help from his beloved Holika. Holika also got a boon from Lord Shiva in which she got a garment. As long as that cloth remains on Holika’s body, no one can burn Holika.

Hiranyakashyap hatched a conspiracy and ordered Holika to take Prahlad in her lap and sit in the fire. Holika cannot burn in the fire because she has got a boon, but her son will be consumed by trapping in that fire, so that everyone will get a lesson that if someone refuses to obey her, then he will also have the same result as his son.

When Holika sat in the fire with Prahlad, she was chanting Lord Vishnu. It is the biggest duty of God to protect his devotees, so he also hatched a conspiracy and such a storm came in which the clothes wrapped around Holika’s body flew away and Holika, who got the boon of not burning with fire, was consumed and on the other hand, the other devotee The fire god did not even touch Prahlad.

From then till now, people of the Hindu religion see this day as the victory of good over evil, and the Holi festival was started from that day and people used to play with colors to celebrate this day.

Holika Dahan takes place just a day before Holi, in which in a heap made of wood, grass, and cow dung, a person burns his own evil in the fire by roaming around it and takes a promise to start afresh from the next day.

History of Holi Festival

The festival of Holi is being celebrated since time immemorial due to its cultural and traditional beliefs. It is mentioned in many sacred mythological books of India, such as Purana, Daskumar Charit, Sanskrit Natak, Ratnavali.

On this ritual of Holi, people start making piles of wood and other inflammable material in the streets, parks, community centers, and areas around the temples for the Holika Dahan ceremony. Many people also do cleanliness at home. Along with this, different types of dishes are also made such as Gujiya, Sweets, Mathi, Malpua, Chips, etc.

Holi festival India 2022

Holi is a huge festival for Hindus all over India, which is present for many centuries before Jesus Christ. If we talk about Holi earlier, then this festival was celebrated by married women by worshiping Poornima for the good of their family. According to ancient Indian mythology, there are many legends behind the celebration of this festival.

Holi is a cultural, religious and traditional festival for HindusThe word Holi is derived from ” Holika “. The festival of Holi is especially celebrated by the people of India (Aryavrata) for which there is a big reason behind it.

One big reason is that this festival is not only of colors but also of brotherhood. Just like we use all the colors during the festival, in the same way, we should live in the spirit of brotherhood and celebrate all the festivals by mixing with each other.

Holi is such a festival which is celebrated by every province of the country with great pomp. It is celebrated in different provinces according to their culture. This festival inspires us to live in harmony with everyone in life.

How to celebrate Holi the right way?

Earlier the colors of Holi were made from natural things like flowers and they were called Gulal. That color was very good for our skin because no chemicals were mixed in it.

But in today’s time, powders made of chemicals are sold in shops in the name of colors, which is harmful to the health of all of us, especially for children.

These colors made from chemicals are available at low prices and the natural color which should actually be used on the day of Holi, price is slightly higher, so people buy colors at low prices, unaware that how dangerous that color is for them. Is.

Due to this bad color, many people have stopped playing Holi, which is a matter of great sadness because due to the color made from chemicals, people have to face many skin diseases later. We should celebrate this old and famous festival in a good and right way. So today I will tell you what to do and what not to do this time on Holi.

What to do on Holi?

  1. Utilize natural and organic colors for Holi day. Holi . For example, food coloring.
  2. Your entire body must be covered with the clothes you are wearing today so that, you are protected when someone else applies color composed of chemicals your skin, it will be protected because of your clothes.
  3. Apply any oil you want to apply to your body, face and hair to ensure that, if you are trying to get rid of the color after a bath you can easily eliminated.
  4. If you notice any physical issues following the play with colors seek treatment right away at the nearest hospital.
  5. For those suffering from asthma, it is recommended to wear a masks while playing color.
  6. It is possible to put the cap to cover your head to ensure that hair doesn’t get damaged.

What not to do on Holi?

  1. Don’t use colorants made of substances or colors that are synthetic in any way.
  2. Don’t put any color in the nose, eyes or mouth of anyone.
  3. The day of Holi with your loved ones and family and keep away from strangers.
  4. Patients suffering from Eczema must avoid the color of their skin.
  5. Do not force colors onto people or use them to animals, exactly because they are harmful for us similarly, they can be dangerous for animals.
  6. Avoid inexpensive Chinese shades as they can be very harmful to your skin.

How to Remove Color from your body?

The most effective method is to moisturize your entire body prior to applying oil to ensure that no color sticks on your skin. It is then easy to clean. It’s also possible to apply oil to your hair or put a cap over your head to ensure the color is not damaged hair.

Use natural colors such as food dyes in the greatest extent possible since chemicals can be harmful to our skin. Choose a more dry color, to ensure that they are cleaned off quickly.

Holi shayari for Whatsapp Status 2022

These days are long gone longer when people make use of postal services to send messages to their loved loved ones. Nowadays, email addresses are becoming less popular. This is due to the fact that they cost more and is also a long time.

In the present age of the internet, people make use of technology to make wishes for one another. There are a variety of such apps available on the Internet (Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram) using which they can send images or messages, and even videos to one another on any occasion.

With these tools, we can communicate our thoughts to multiple people simultaneously. This way you will not be wasted, and your money is not wasted as well.

Holi wishes in English 2022

Holi wishes in English 2022

The scent of Mathura The fragrance of Mathura, that necklace worn by Gokul,

the scent of Vrindaban, the spray of rain!

Radha’s hope, Kanha’s love,

Happy Holi festival to you!!

If there’s no color-related race,

They would be able to give happiness to the world.

Let’s get together and join hands!

Holi is Holi Let’s apply colors

Let this event be every moon

The smell of each color is a glorification!

Let this holiday of Holi never fade from your eyes,

You can be an invited guest

Make sure the bowl is filled with colors of love,

all over the world with the colors of love!

This color is not the same as any caste spoke

Happy Holi to all!

Let your life exceed these hues and may it

Always be fragrant, that is our prayer, may

This Holi of love will never be wasted

A-my-friend Happy Holi to all of you

Get out and form an impromptu group on the streets.

Make sure to soak all of your bags today!

If you see someone smiling, then you can hug him or take him out.

The color I saw was Happy Holi

Holi is nothing more than a reason to wear colors

This festival aims to promote friendship and love between people;

Let’s get rid of all the nagging and add lots of color to one another.

Holi celebrations. Celebrate Holi with friends.

Happy Holi!

Love, affection, dedication, caress,

love, goodwill, and positive thoughts,

Shower of these seven colors

May this day bring the brightest springtime into your life


Why is the festival of Holi celebrated?

The festival of Holi is not a common festival. It is actually a festival in which the festival of victory of good over evil is celebrated. This festival is celebrated all over the country in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu and his devotee Prahlad.

What is the importance of Holi?

Holi has a different significance. In this, we get to see the victory of good over evil. This teaches us that no matter how pleasant the evil may appear, in the end, the good always wins.

How did Holi start?

Holi started from a very old time in the Indian continent. Experts believe that Holi is celebrated in India since about the 4th century CE.

What was the name of Holika’s father?

Holika’s father’s name was Kashyap Rishi.

What was the other name of Holika?

Another name of Holika was Haridrohi. Holika was also called Hari’s antihero, hence she named it Haridrohi.

What is the meaning of Holi?

The word Holi means purity. Purity should always be given utmost importance in human life.

What is eaten in Holi?

Different types of dishes are eaten on the day of Holi. Such as Thandai, Dahi Bhalle, Puran Poli, Rashmalai, Badam Phirni, Bhang Pakora etc.

Why are colors used in Holi?

It is believed that Lord Krishna used to play with colors on the day of Holi with his friends, and since then Holi is also called the festival of colors.

What was the name of Holika’s mother?

Holika’s mother’s name was Diti.

What did you learn today?

I hope you liked this article of mine and also got to know why Holi is celebrated? So, friends, this time do not play with your health or the health of others in Holi and use natural colors instead of chemical colors and have a lot of fun.

“Happy Holi” to all of you in advance from our side. If you want to tell us how to celebrate your Holi, then definitely write a comment at the end of the article.

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