Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 2, 31 January 2022, Written update: Sarika argues alongside Shivina

Bade acche lagte hai 2 today’s episode features Sarika going to Kapoors Mansion to tell Shivina that she will apologise for Akshay. Nandini tells Sarika that she will not and Shivina says so. Meera informs Priya Ram has accepted her as his wife, and he shows him a lot love. Meera is reminded by Priya that Ram called her “aunty” and hurt her feelings.

Bade acche lagte hai 2 Meera says that Ram’s anger overcame him and that he was devastated to find Shivina in that condition. However, Priya assures her that Ram is still affectionate and has not changed.

Meera tells Priya that she wants to celebrate Lohri together with Ram. She tells Priya that they are perfect for each other, and encourages her to be happy. Nandini is told by Sarika that Shivina destroyed Akshay’s childhood. Shivina says to Sarika that she cannot believe that she is saying this. She tells Sarika she is a bad person, and she argues with Sarika.

Sarika says she will not spare them and will not rest until they are both divorced. Brinda takes Ram and Priya’s clothes and tells them to dress up for Lohri. Priya says it’s a great idea for them all to get ready together. Ram tells even he’s free. Brinda reminds them to help Shashi and Vedika reunite.

Brinda requests Ram to get Priya ready. Nandini is told by Vedika that everything is going according their plan. Nandini says she is glad Sarika took over the divorce case and did half their job.

Vedika says that they will resolve the divorce issue at the party. Brinda says that her efforts will bring Ram closer to Priya. Ram asks Priya to get ready and then makes her wear the jewelleries. Ram says she looks great and Priya asks if she is looking tired.

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