Anupama 24th September 2022 Written Update: Leela blames Anupama

In this day’s episode, GK discussed how they were sending food to the orphanage and an old age home. Anupama decides to do more. On these occasions, they usually feed cows and dogs but it would be good if they do this all year round.

Anuj liked what Anupama had to say and appreciates her thoughts. When he was in the orphanage they fed cows milk.

Anupama felt happy about it, GK said that his dad used to tell him that doing the kind of feeding a person who cannot speak for themselves is one of the right things to do.

Anupama replied to Anuj that he was doing his best to persuade her, but she wasn’t out of the last day’s memories.

I’m not an immaculate deity for whom this has to be done so nicely all the time, she says. I can take a break, too. In their discussion, Anuj told Anupama that when she sleeps she looks really bad, and Anupama told Anuj to keep this in mind and not say anything about it.

After he showed her the proof and she laughed, Arya began crying. Anuj wonders who the baby is crying for.

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She diverts the conversation and tells Anuj that Anu might be watching TV. Arya is being checked on by Anupama after Anuj is convinced.

As she watches Anu and Arya play, she gets happy; Kinjal apologizes to Anupama. In addition to apologizing to Kinjal, Anupama asks Kinjal what she is writing.

Anupama tells Kinjal that their situation is similar but she crossed half her age when Vanraj’s truth was revealed.

Kinjal states that she is writing her thoughts down as she has no idea what to do next. According to Anupama, Kinjal is smart and young and can handle the situation in a better way.

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Anupama hears Leela shouting at her. Barkha tells Leela to keep it down. Arya is not allowed to be seen by Leela due to a disagreement with Barkha, Kinjal comes with Arya to complain to Anupama.

Seeing Arya, Leela gets emotional, She urges Kinjal to return home. As Kavya tells Vanraj, Leela went to Kapadia’s house, and Anupama asks Leela not to force Kinjal, Kavya consoles Vanraj when he worries.

Anupama urges Leela not to manipulate Kinjal in order to raise Arya alone. Leela tries to manipulate Kinjal into returning home.

While spending time with Pakhi, Adhik asks if she thinks her family is dysfunctional, Pakhi says she might be right. Vanraj and Anupama sometimes go overboard, according to Adhik.

Anupama asks Leela not to spook Kinjal, but Leela insists that Anupama will break into Kinjal’s house.

With due respect, Anuj tells Samar to take back Leela,

Kinjal has a say in this. Kinjal apologizes for causing all this trouble and tells Samar that he’ll always be there for her. Anuj boosts Kinjal’s spirits.

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