Anupama, 22nd September 2022, Written Update: Kinjal is welcomed home by Anupama

In today’s episode, In an angry and confused voice, Rakhi asks Kinjal why she wouldn’t want to come to her home. Kinjal tells Rakhi that she’s learned a lot about people through her informants, but she can’t even tell the truth about her own daughter.

She would have been this new old woman if she hadn’t discovered the truth, so she is thankful that Anupama had the courage to tell her. She asks Kavya to take her home. Baa says she will call Anupama on this. Kinjal asks if she’ll be paying Anupama to do the work for her.

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Kavya claims Baa only ever talks to Anupama when there’s something wrong, which Baa disputes. She points out that she is, in fact, Anupama’s mother.

Anupamaa, 22nd September 2022, Written Update: Kinjal is welcomed home by Anupama
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Kinjal wanted to know if she ever hugged Anupama or ever asked how she was doing. She hoped she wasn’t wrong. Then Barkha is surprised and a little shaken when she sees Kinjal, Vanraj, Kavya, and Arya in a photo.

Vanraj surrenders Arya to Anupama and requests her to take care of the kids, while Kinjal apologizes for not knowing beforehand. He goes on to say that there’s no such thing as a good excuse not to visit one’s mother.

Samar tells Toshu that Kinjal has gone to Anupama’s house. Vanraj can visit them at any time. Anupama breaks into his house, causing him to get furious. Samar asks him if he believes Anupama is responsible.

In response to Samar’s request that he not be egoistic, and to make things right instead, he says yes and tells her she will provoke Kinjal against him. During their departure, Vanraj and Kavya get emotional, and Kavya asks when Arya will return, as she is missing her already. Vanraj responds that even he does not know when she will return.

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